Giving Effective Reports Through Powerpoint Presentation

Reporting in the classroom is one thing that students cannot avoid. From elementary up to college, students are required to report about the different topics or matters related to their courses. This is done to measure the communication skills of the students as well as their knowledge on the course. However, reporting is not an easy thing. It is like taking the role of a teacher.

Before, reporting is just done through the use of cartolinas and other papers. Today, students are more fortunate because they can now do their reporting using Powerpoint and slideshows.

What are the benefits of using Powerpoint and Slide Presentations in the Classroom?

Use of Multiple Sources
Using Powerpoint will allow you to use multiple sources and present them in the classroom. Let’s say you are going to report on how to write examples of essays. In your Powerpoint Presentation, you can include video tutorials of how to write essays, an interview with a professor, or a student writing his or her article.

Participation and Interaction
Admit it or not, students are now interested in gadgets and other forms of technology. If your classmates see that you are going to have a Powerpoint presentation, they will be more interested to it. Since you have videos and pictures in your presentation, these can increase interaction and participation in the discussion.

How to Make an Effective Powerpoint Presentation?

When you make a presentation, it is not enough that you just put all the details on it. You have to be moderate in presenting details. If you will just put all the facts and information on the presentation, it will be a dull one.

In order to avoid a boring Powerpoint presentation, you may consider the following tips:

  • Have a simple yet attractive slide layout.
  • Put short phrases or sentences.
  • Ask questions or reactions from the class
  • Use interesting images and videos

Your Powerpoint presentation will only be effective if you will be an effective speaker as well.


4 thoughts on “Giving Effective Reports Through Powerpoint Presentation

  1. I used Powerpoint often when running workshops and training sessions. It was great for being able to link to websites, video, and even to open applications on the computer (I worked with Assistive Technology). The one thing I had as a rule was “less is more.” The less text you can have on a powerpoint slide, the better. Too much text detracts from what you are trying to say and would be much better placed in hand-outs. My children are now using it for their morning talks and it is fun trying to steer them away from all the whizz bang animated text effects, but also fun to see what they produce.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for dropping by! I agree with you that the less text, the better the presentation is. If it is loaded with too much information, it will look cluttered and disorganized. I am glad that your children are using Powerpoint for their talks. I hope more students and even professors will make use of Powerpoint in presenting their reports.

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